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City of Lancaster, CA Officially Condones Trampling Poppies!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

***Originally posted to @publiclandshateyou on 6/8/2019***


Dear Influencers, Companies, and Individuals who I have contacted in the last three months about the importance of staying on the official trails and not harming the poppies in Antelope Valley,

I apologize. I had no idea that the City of Lancaster officially condoned that type of behavior. You see, I was given the impression by Antelope Valley rangers and land management agencies that they wanted people to stay on the official trails and preserve the poppy fields for the enjoyment of everyone in the future. I was wrong.

You see, Outlook is the official newsletter and activity guide of the @u, which is home to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve (AVPR). As you can clearly see, the City of Lancaster thinks its ok to go off trail for cute photos that will look good on magazine covers, as long as you put somewhere that “No poppies were harmed”.

I can’t believe I got this so wrong. I can’t believe I was duped by all the park rangers going around and sharing the importance of staying on the official trails. I can’t believe that California State Parks led me so astray in telling me it was illegal to harm the official state flower on public lands in California. I can’t believe all the before an after photos I have posted actually show alterations to our public lands that are acceptable.

Again, I apologize to any accounts that I called out for what I thought was inappropriate, harmful, and illegal behavior in the Antelope Valley poppy fields. Rest assured, you may now continue using the Antelope Valley poppy fields to lay in the flowers, land your helicopter, fill your beards, park your cars, make your own trails, do donuts, or whatever you want without fear of unwanted attention from @publiclandshateyou.



Our Public Lands in Lancaster, CA Are A Prop!

The following was added by @publiclandshateyou as a comment.

"Seriously though, @publiclandshateyou will not be spending any more time covering the Antelope Valley unless the City of Lancaster acknowledges how incredibly tone deaf this magazine cover is. My time and energy are better spent in locals that support their public lands and the underpaid, overworked people that manage them. I feel horrendous for anyone who works for land management agencies local to Lancaster. You clearly don’t have the support of your local government and this must feel like a punch to the gut after all the hard work you’ve put in to try and keep our public lands in good condition. My hat is off to you and I wish you the best of luck."

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