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The Bad Influencer List

Are you a company thinking about using an influencer to advertise your products?
Then you need to see this list of "Bad Influencers"!
Using influencers to advertise is a great way to reach an intended audience, and many influencers do things by the book, follow the law, and will represent your company and products in a positive light. 
Recently though there has been an uptick in the number of influencers who will do almost anything to obtain your advertising dollars, including engaging in illegal, harmful, and disrespectful behavior.  Is your company unknowingly partnering with an influencer with a checkered past who may negatively your companies reputation and expose your business to legal consequences?
Although we can't guarantee that we have listed every "bad influencer" out there, we can assure you that the influencers listed here are ones that you DO NOT want to work with.  But don't take our word for it!  Each "bad influencer" has a page that shows exactly why you may want to steer clear of the account due to apparent illegal and environmentally harmful behavior on our public lands and/or general unprofessional behavior.
All of the influencers featured on this list have had, and continue to have, the opportunity to make amends for previous harmful and illegal behavior on our public lands.  Their continued inclusion on this list indicates that they have made zero effort to do so.  If you are an influencer featured on this list, know that your inclusion here IS NOT PERMANENT.  You may reach out at any time (email is on the "Contact" page) so that we can work towards an amicable solution that will educate others and make our public lands a better place for everyone, now and in the future. 
Remember, we all make mistakes.  It's how we handle them that shows true character.
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