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The Bad Influencer List 

Missy_In_Socal (@missy_in_socal)
@Missy_In_Socal has a Jeep.  Missy likes to CRWL4LO in her Jeep.  That's all great, but unfortunately Missy appears to have a problem keeping her Jeep on the trail.  You see, Missy took her Jeep to the Alabama Hills in southern California, and in an attempt to take a perfect, Instagram ready sunset photo, she left the road, drove over some native plants, and parked at just the right angle to get that rad pic.
We all get carried away in the moment sometimes.  Problem is, when a number of people politely pointed out to Missy that behavior like this is how off-road areas get closed down, she ignored them.   Then she called them idiots.  Then she changed the geotag from "Alabama Hills, CA" to "In Your Closet".   Then she started deleting comments.  Then she started lying about why she went off the road.  Then she decided to turn off the comments on the post so she, and her 10,000 followers, wouldn't have to see any polite, educational criticism left by rightfully concerned fellow public land owners.  A number of off-road companies featured in her Instagram profile were quick to distance themselves from Missy, making sure it was clear that they were not affiliated we her, and do not condone the type of behavior she engaged in.
Remember, its ok to make mistakes.  It's how we handle them that shows true character.  Rather than own up to the mistake and help educate others about the importance of respecting trail rules, Missy decided to lie.  She started saying that she only pulled off the road to let traffic pass.  Problem is, she already admitted in the comments that she only pulled off the road "for 30 seconds to grab a pic".  And anyways, who pulls of to the left side of the road, at a 45 degree angle, to let traffic pass?  Didn't her drivers ed teacher tell her to ALWAYS pull off to the right?
If you're an offroad company looking for an influencer to rep your brand, you might want to look elsewhere.  There are plenty of off-roaders and "overlanders" who will likely represent your company in a might better light.
missy_in_socal illegal jeep influencer harmful public lands

The image in question.  Note the road in the background, the native sage brush she drove over, the change in geotag, and how comments are turned off in the second screenshot.


Excerpt from the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area brochure.  Note how many times just this small excerpt states that vehicles must stay on established routes.


Pulled off the "for like 30 seconds to take a pic."


One of many comments deleted by @missy_in_socal.

As you can see, @missy_in_socal has issues taking accountability and owning small mistakes.  If you're looking for an influencer with a Jeep to represent your off-road or adventure brand, this probably isn't the woman you want to work with.  And if you're driving around the wilds of suburban Los Angeles, watch out for those hot pink rims and CRWL4LO license plate.
@missy_in_socal, when you read this, remember, mistakes are ok!  It's how you handle them that shows true character.  This list ever changing and the title of this page could easily say"Influencer learns from mistake and helps other learn how to respect our public lands!".  If you ever want to chat about this incident and take steps towards promoting the respect and protection of public lands, send me a email. 
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