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Educational Resources

Want to Learn More?  Check out these pages which delve deeper into individual topics.  Have a topic you think we should cover?  Let us know!

Help Us - What you can do to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.


Geotagging - What is geotagging and why is it a problem for our public lands?

Influencers - What is an influence and what are their responsibilities when using public lands?

Leave No Trace - The seven Leave No Trace principles that EVERYONE should know


Social Trails - What is a social trail and why are they so harmful to our public lands?

Commercial Photography- Why you probably need a permit for sponsored posts on public lands.

Drones - What's my problem with drones on, and over, our public lands?

Long Reads - Shorter than a novel.  More detailed than a blog post. This could get interesting.

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