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Frequently Asked Questions

This page looks like it was made by an 11-year old.  Are you an 11-year old?

Yes, I am an 11-year old, however I've been told I write a much higher level.  I live in my grandma's basement, don't have a job, and definitely don't have a life.  My favorite National Park is Six Flags New England!  

Why are you doing this?

I'm tired of seeing our public lands get trashed by influencers who are trying to make a quick buck, people who just don't care, and people who might not know any better.  I believe that the internet and social media are pushing more and more people to our public lands, which is a good thing, but that many of these people just don't understand how to act in a responsible manner.  The goal of Public Lands Hate You is to educate as many people as possible about how to act on our public lands.  And if people make a choice not to learn and continue their harmful behavior, call them out.  Public shaming has been used successfully for thousands of years to get people to act properly, and it's time we modernized this ancient form of punishment.  But we don't condone the use of dunce caps.


That seems a bit harsh.  Why not try other methods?

Anyone featured here has been politely reached out to by me or others and resisted the presentation of scientific facts that their actions are harmful to our public lands.  They have been belligerent, ignorant, narcissistic, and/or downright rude.  They have made a choice to continue to ruin our public lands so that others can not enjoy them. Law enforcement and park rangers don't have the resources follow up on the 1,000's of people who post illegal content to social media each day, and there is no social media police, so this is the best we can do to try and keep people honest.

Who do you think you are?  Who gave YOU the right to be the voice of public lands?

Ummmm…. I did?  We all have our causes.  Some people stand up for human rights.  Some people want everyone to know the world is flat.  I became tired of people trashing my favorite places, so I decided to try to give a voice to mother nature, and try to express how I think she would feel about people disrespecting her.  If you don't think I'm qualified to do that, fine.  There are plenty of other causes you can support, but this is something that I am passionate about.  Your children will probably thank me.

Seems like you are just filled with hate.  It's even in your name.  What gives?

I honestly believe that if Mother Nature could speak, she would tell us that she hates the actions of all the people who blatantly disrespect her, especially those that do so for personal gain, whether it be for money, followers, or fame.  That said, Public Lands Hate You is primarily about education.  Every time we see someone abusing our public lands, we make an attempt to reach out to that person, educate them about why their actions are harmful, and teach them the responsible way to do what they are doing.  We NEVER call people names, threaten people, or make fun of their mother(s),  We DO NOT discriminate in any way.  If you're harming our public lands, we will let you know.  We don't care about your sex, gender, age, marital status, religion, or other beliefs.  If you are breaking the rules, you are breaking the rules, no matter who (are what) you are.

Fine.  But who are you really?  My mother told me not to talk to strangers.

Your mother was right.  Rest assured, I wish I could tell you who I am.  But I have gotten threats from multiple people who have been featured here who have lost corporate sponsors after thinking they were above the law.  It seems that when you cause people to lose money, even if it was gained illegally and at the expense of our public lands, that they get REALLY angry.  So, for the sake of my house not burning down in the middle of the night, I will remain anonymous for the foreseeable future.

Ok, I get it.  Maybe just share a few personal tidbits?

Ok fine, but promise not to tell anyone?  I'm a guy in my 30's who lives in the pacific northwest.  I consider public lands to be my vacation home.  I have a bachelor's degree in something environmental and science related, and work full time in that field.  I ride my bike to work whenever the weather permits.  I enjoy doing pretty much anything that involves the outdoors.

What can I do to help?

First, don't be part of the problem.  Educate yourself about the proper ways to act responsibly on our public lands.  What does that mean?  Read up on whatever lands you plan to visit before you go there and learn the rules.  Second, be part of the solution.  You can help us by contacting any companies that you see featured on this page and let them know that you don't approve of their products being advertised at the expense of our public lands. Third, if you see any particularly bad offenses, send them our way!  We are always looking for new people and companies to educate!

How do you make money doing this?

Did you read the first question?  I'm 11 and live in my grandma's basement,  This project is fully funded using my weekly allowance and I do this instead of my homework.  

Public Lands Hate You does not accept any kind of support in the form of money, gifts, sponsorship, or anything else.  We do not have advertisements on our page.  This project is fully funded and managed by one individual.  We do accept gifts of time, energy, and talent from choice individuals and will be happy to mention those individuals or keep them anonymous.

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