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The Bad Influencer List 

The Bad Influencer List 

Daniel Zigler (@danzbeard)
Dan Zigler (@danzbeard) is an online fitness coach and influencer who took a little trip to Yosemite National Park.  Not only did @danzbeard go off trail through a fragile Yosemite meadow, but when he stumbled across a coyote, he tried to entice it closer rather than respect it and give it the space that it deserves.

When it was pointed out in a private message that this was illegal and harmful, Dan decided to ignore that message and block the account.  He then deleted any comments that also pointed this out and blocked anyone that sent him messages on the topic.  He then resorted to calling people who encouraged respectful behavior toward wildlife “dipshits” and "douchebags".  Next he changed the caption of the photo multiple times.  Not to educate people about why his behavior was harmful, but to make fun of those trying to explain to him why his behavior was harmful, to say the animal just "walked right past him, to say the photo was photoshopped (with a winking emoji after it of course), and to play the victim, claiming he was being attacked and bullied.

Don’t worry though, if you’re looking for a fitness coach or someone to rep your fitness brand, according to his website “Daniel aspires to motivate and inspire those around him through his positivity, dedication, and perseverance.”  Seems a bit hypocritical considering how he responded to polite education about his harmful behavior, but go ahead and judge for yourself.
Original post.png

Image w/ "Updated" Geotag

Original Post from @danzbeard

original message.png

A Thoughtful DM Response From Nick About His Illegal Behavior

DM that got @publiclandshateyou blocked by @danzbeard

deleted comments 1.png

Comments deleted by @danzbeard Part 1

deleted comments 2.png

Comments deleted by @danzbeard Part 2

caption update 1.png
caption update 2.png
caption update 3.png
caption update 4.png
caption update 5.png

The evolution (or is it de-evolution?) of @danzbeard's caption.

No one expects everyone to know whats acceptable behavior on public lands.  But actively deleting comments and blocking people who ask you to respect the law, wildlife, and our public lands?  Calling people who are trying to explain why certain behavior is harmful "dipshits" and "sheep"?  That's not a simple mistake.  That's willful ignorance.  By leaving his illegal and harmful content posted on social media, Dan's 70,000 followers are actively be misinformed about what kind of behavior is acceptable in our National Parks.  Daniel Zigler (@danzbeard) is not someone I would want coaching anyone or representing my products.
Dan, when you read this, remember, mistakes are ok!  It's how you handle them that shows true character.  This list ever changing and the title of this page could easily say "Influencer acknowledges mistake and helps others learn how to respect our public lands!".  If you ever want to chat about this incident and take steps towards promoting the respect and protection of public lands, send me a email. 
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