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Beautiful Destinations

Beautiful Destinations is an account that, you guessed it, features pictures of beautiful places.  How many of their pictures were obtained is questionable, but a recent repost of drone footage above the Taj Mahal was particularly upsetting, especially since the original poster admitted he knew it was illegal but chose to do it anyway, crashed his drone, AND did it on a Friday which is when the area is closed to visitors so that people can pray.  In order to stop behavior like that we need to reach out to these large “reshare” accounts that are enabling and encouraging the creation of this content. 

Screen shots of the Instagram post are included below, as well as some comments from the original poster, @doyoutravel, who also still has this post up.

@BeautifulDestinations IG Post

@doyoutravel IG Post

taj 1.png
taj 4.png
taj 3.png
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