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Influncers Continue to Abuse Our Public Lands - #cutdownthemoneytree

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

***Originally posted 4/2/19 on @publiclandshateyou***

***Post removed by Instagram with no notification on 4/4/19***

***Post reinstated by Instagram with no notification on 4/5/19***

These sponsored posts are so cringeworthy. What makes these so called “influencers” think that it’s ok to commandeer the beauty of our public lands to advertise stuff while concurrently damaging those very same lands? The logic here is absolutely mind boggling to me.  Are they oblivious? Do they just not care? Are they getting paid so much that they can’t focus on anything except the $$$? .

And for what? To get people to buy sunglasses, fake fingernails, cans of soup, clothing, candy, herbal supplements, hair products, and skin creams? We should not be losing access to our public lands because the primary concern of these “influencers” is to fatten their bank accounts. Our public lands are not a prop. .

However, this is one spot where we can all REALLY make a difference. I don’t know many companies that are ok with their products being advertised alongside damaging environmental behaviors, especially if those behaviors are also ILLEGAL.  So, take a few minutes to really make a difference. Do some research. Email and call these companies that have products being advertised. Let them know what you’ve seen. Let them know how you feel. And let them know that you won’t be buying any of their products in the future. .

I’ve spoken with a number of customer service representatives over the last week about posts like these, and everyone I have spoken to has taken my concerns seriously. I’ve even gotten a call back from one corporate advertising team thanking me for bringing a certain advertisement to their attention. That post I called about? It’s gone. “Influencers” may have no intention of learning from you and me. But when the money tree is suddenly threatened with a chainsaw, the results are amazing. .

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