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Naked in Nature

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

***Originally posted 3/21/19 on @publiclandshateyou***

Naked in nature.  What's not to love?  There's something to be said for prancing around acting like you're the first person to walk the face of the planet, with not a stitch of clothing to hide your skin from the blazing sunshine and refreshing breeze. Except you're not alone. You share this planet with 7 billion other people and countless other living creatures and plants. If we all did whatever we wanted without regard for anyone or anything else, where would we be?  What would this planet look like? Going a few inches further off trail than the person before you might not seem like a big deal on an individual scale. And I suppose its not. But if everyone had that attitude, if every single person decided to go just a litttttttle bit further than the last person for that "untouched" background, it becomes a big problem. The behavior and damage we've seen at Walker Canyon (and other poppy fields) is a direct manifestation of that "just a little bit more" attitude. Walker Canyon is a prime example of huge masses of people making bad choices that, on an individual scale, appear to have no impact. But added up, those hundreds of thousands of poor choices DO have an impact. We've all seen the pictures. And it's not pretty. Sure, there are bigger issues than people crushing a couple wildflowers to get pictures to share with people they don't even know on the internet. Pollution, over consumption, micro-plastics in drinking water, oil spills, deforestation, and extinction of entire species are some issues that immediately come to mind. But is it too much to believe that if people turned their small negative impacts into small positive ones that we could make a difference for the better? Good behavior spreads just as bad behavior does. It just takes a few people who are willing to speak up and thoughtfully educate those who might not know any better. Some might not be open to being told their actions are destructive.  That just means the rest of us need to step up our game to compensate. #walkercanyon #knowledgeispower#ignoranceisnotbliss #lakeelsinore#publiclands #saveourpubliclands#saveourplanet #education #planetearth#selfish #publiclandshateyou

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