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Paths vs "Paths"

***Originally posted 3/16/19 on @publiclandshateyou***

Many people that I try to politely educate about proper wildflower ethics claim that their pictures were taken on paths. So let's talk about paths. What you see in the first two pictures, which were "provided" by @caseykaui, is not an official path or trail.  This "path" was likely beaten through virgin wildflower habit within a day or two of this picture being taken.  Continued use of this "path" will result in compaction of the soils to the point that the flowers will not be able to regrow.  Hundreds of these "paths" have been created this year at #walkercanyon by misguided and ignorant visitors.  The end result will be a checkerboard of flowers instead of the fully covered hills that people enjoyed at the beginning of this season. . The next five photos show responsible visitors using legitimate paths and sharing photos that will encourage their followers to do the same.  Notice that there is no loose dirt and no live or dead vegetation.  Just bare, previously compacted soils.  These are the only paths you should be using while visiting the wildflower fields. Feel free to share this with anyone who doesn't appear to know the difference between a path and a "path".

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