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Your Mom Lied. You're Not That Special

***Originally posted 3/27/19 on @publiclandshateyou***

What would happen if we all choose to ignore the rules? What if we only stopped at red lights when it was convenient? Cut to the front of the checkout line when we were in rush? What kind of world would we live in? Unfortunately, we now get to see first hand what it looks like when people choose to ignore signs telling them to stay on the trail. Ignore signs telling them to stay out of fragile ecosystems. Ignore signs telling them to practice leave no trace principles. It’s sad to look at. It’s sad to see the physical damage that has been caused to this ecosystem in a matter of weeks. But I think it’s even more depressing to think that we share a world with people that think the rules just don’t apply to them. That they are better than everyone else. These people are out there right now, probably ignoring other rules that they think are below them. And although the impact might not be as readily apparent as it has been in our wildflower fields, those actions will have an impact. There is NO EXCUSE for this. Absolutely none. I don’t care if you “didn’t see the signs”. Do you go to a foreign country without doing some research and learning a few basic words in the local language?  NO! So, if you live in the city, and want to go experience a different environment, do some basic research. Learn the local language, which in this case is the language of Leave No Trace. Seven simple phrases will have you acting like a local in no time.

1. Travel on durable surfaces (n popular places avoid areas where impacts are just beginning) 2. Leave what you find 3. Be considerate of other visitors 4. Dispose of waste properly 5. Respect wildlife 6. Minimize campfire impacts 7. Plan ahead and prepare Each one of these has bullets has multiple parts, and I encourage everyone read them all at

Many of these pictures came directly from people who visited the superbloom. Thank @yiprocheresy, @llap8, @melissak7810, @ponce_70, and @peterbohler. #yourmomlied #youarenotspecial

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